Questions to ask before hiring the services of immigration consultants

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When you are applying for permanent residency in canada, the first thing which you will require is the services of a good immigration consultant. Without a good consultant, it is extremely difficult for potential immigrants to get through the immigration application as there are many clauses which are unable to understand by a pay person and technical knowledge is required in order to get a proper understanding. Further, if you are applying for PR for the first time, you will get stuck at many places with regard to the arrangement of documents. It is important to learn the immigration law before you start arranging the documents. Therefore, if you are hiring the services of a good consultant, you will not be required to waste any of your time in this thing and you will easily manage to submit the application on time,

However, hiring the consultant for this purpose is not a simple task and there are many things which you are required to bear in mind before paying any money to the shortlisted consultant. In this article, we will talk about the important questions which you must ask before hiring the best and most suited person for this position.

Questions to ask before hiring the consultants for immigration:
When you are looking for the best consultants, you cannot ignore the importance of following mentioned questions:

• Ask for the registration number which has been provided by the licensing authority
• Ask for the payment structure in advance and confirm any hidden charges which the consultant might charge
• Ask for a tentative timeline in which he will complete the application process
• Ask for different options through which you can take help from him, can he provide you with a single time consultation in case you are hoping to fill the application on your own
• Ask for the best program that suits your qualifications, skills, and experience