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Evil Geniuses is a American esports organization based in 1999. It’s an organization based in Seattle, Washington. Evil Geniuses is also known as abbreviated as EG is one among the oldest gambling organizations. EG can be actually a expert gaming organization with famed gamers who have won a great deal of remarkable tournaments which makes Evil Geniuses famed all over the whole world. The estimated networth of the evil geniuses company is $84.5 billion. The company was founded 21 decades ago out of today. The current CEO of all Evil Geniuses is Nicole LaPointe Jameson and the Pinnacle Coach is Kanishka Sosale(Dota two ).

Achievements Of the group:
The a Variety of divisions of Evil Geniuses (EG) are Telephone Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, along with Rocket League.The Standard website of Evil Geniuses is currently www.evilgeniuses.ggPartners of Evil Geniuses are Killer Power, Xfinity, Razer Inc, AORUS, AMD, and Twitch.One of the notable achievements of Evil Geniuses is it is EG’s Dota 2 team winning The International 2015 and Call of Duty winning the 2018 CallofDuty Championship


In-may 20-19 Evil Geniuses Company Was acquired by a Chicago-based expenditure firm PEAK6 Investments. Currently PEAK6 Investments is your parent group of this Evil Geniuses. The very first League of legends crew was formed in January 2013.

The gaming residence of Evil geniuses was moved to the usa in December 2013.
A Few of the tournaments Evil Geniuses have engaged in are Guru League Year2 Season3 Finals, 6 Invitational 2018, Pro League Period 7 NA, Guru League Season7 Finals, Dreamhack Austin 2018, Guru League Period 8 NA, OGA PIT Time 1 NA, 6 Leading Paris 2018, Dreamhack Montreal 2018, Usa Nationals 2018 Wildcard East, 6 Significant Raleigh 2018, Guru League Time of Year 1-1 NA, Unitedstates Nationals 20-19 Finals, Unitedstates Nationals 2019 Period 3 West and also Several More.